The National Show Centre November 2nd - 3rd

The Farm

Wooly Ward's Farm is coming to Pet Expo!!!

Wooly-Wards-Logo-SmallerWooly Ward’s Mobile Farm is delighted to announce that we will be bring a selection of our a nimals to Pet Expo. Meet Flopsy & Mopsy our Bunnies, Billy & Sid the kids, Kenny & Penny our hens, Jack & Jill the pigs and of course Wooly & Lily the lambs. We might even have a few guest appearances too! Come and have an animal tattoo painted on your arm and meet the Wooly Ward Family.


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The Donkeys


Names: Neddy & Smunday

Gender: Males

Personality: Neddy is 3 years old & Smunday is 2 years old. They are half-brothers but look completely different. Watching them run and play in the paddock is an amazing sight as it shows just how strong their friendship/ brotherly bond is. They live with the ponies most of the year and the four of them get on like a house on fire. Neddy just completed his first year of giving donkey rides and he loved the interaction with all the visitor. Smunday is going to start his training in the next few months but if he's anything like his big brother he will be a fast learner.



The Bunnies


Names:  Ginger, Boo, George, Izzy, Bambi, Thumper, Dutch, Jupiter, Rew, Doe, Sooty Connie & Chubby.

Gender:  Male & Female

Breed:  Lop Eared, Netherland Dwarf & Lion Head

Personality:  All of the bunnies have their own little personalities and their own traits. Some enjoy hanging around in groups (which is called a Fluffle) and other prefers to relax in the sun by themselves. We constantly have little baby bunnies born on the farm who stay with their mothers for 8 weeks before they go to their nice new homes. While they are here they get to meet all the boys and girls who come to the farm and enjoy interacting with them.

The Gerbils


The Gerbils

Names: Gerry, Bubbles & Gus

Gender: Males & female

Breed: Mongolian Gerbil

Personality: Gerry and Bubbles are the farms only pair of gerbils and recently had their first baby, Gus. Gerbils are very social animals and love to live in large family groups. They come from the Mongolian Desert and love to dig tunnels to sleep in. Gerbils can have up to 8 babies in each litter and are pregnant for 21 days. This means Gus won't have to wait long for a few more pals to play with.

The Guinea Pigs


The Guinea Pigs

Names: Prince Charming, Pip, Pip Squeak, Biscuit, Jaffa cake, lady, Alex, Bishop  & Chocolate

Gender: Male & Female

Breed: Smooth coat, Peruvian & Sheltie guinea pigs

Personality: We have a variety of guinea pigs on the farm but they are all very similar in the way they act. They are very social animals and so we make sure that all of our guinea pigs live with a friend or two. Unlike rabbits, guinea pig babies are born fully furred and are practically miniature versions of their parents. Surprisingly Guinea Pigs are part of the rodent family.

The Hamsters


The Hamsters

Names: Junior, Jimmy, Jack & Jessie

Gender: Males & females

Breed: Syrian Hamster (long & short haired)

Personality: Syrian hamsters are solitary animals and like to live by themselves. Our hamsters are very accustomed to people and even enjoy a quick run around on visitor's laps while they are here. All hamsters love to store their food and usually have a secret storage tunnel in their bed that they fill up with their favorite treats. Hamster are nocturnal, so usually you will only see them start to roam around their pens when it’s time for all the other animals to go to sleep.

The Ducks


Names: Donald, Daffy, Daphne, Reggie, Rupert, Linda, Lola & Cher

Gender: Males and Females

Breed: Call Ducks, Rouen Ducks, Aylesbury Ducks

Personality: We have 2 groups of ducks on the farm Donald and the 2 girls (the call ducks) and our larger ducks. Call Ducks are smaller in size than other ducks and the girls have the louder quack!!!

All of our ducks have ponds to swim in during the day and a nice warm house filled with straw where the females like to lay their eggs.

The Goslings & Geese


Names: Ryan Gosling & Geraldine

Gender: Male & Female

Breed: Embden Geese

Personality: Ryan Gosling is now fully grown so he is called a gander, but his name has stuck! He has been on the farm for nearly 2 years now and loves to hiss at visitors but he's a real pet underneath it all. Last year he got a new friend, Geraldine the goose. Geraldine is so friendly and visits lots of schools. She is a firm favorite with the children! We are hoping that this year that they will be able to introduce their own little goslings to all the visitors who come to the farm.

The Turkeys


Names: Terry, Peter & Wendy

Gender: Males & Female

Breed: Bronze Turkeys & Royal Palm Turkey

Personality: Terry is misunderstood!! In his formative years he was very placid and even walked in a St Patrick's Day Parade! As he gets older his mood has changed and he loves to chase anyone who dares to walk in his territory. The only one who still understands poor Terry is Scary Mary. Peter and Wendy however are very friendly and love to go on events to meet everyone. Peter is even trained to stand on visitor’s arms, although he's getting a bit too heavy as he grows older. Peter and Wendy are a real example of love at first sight and have become inseparable. Peter's mother is well known in Ireland's poultry clubs as she is the All-Ireland Turkey champion of her breed in 2015.

The Chicks


Names: Henny, Penney, Enda & Kenney

Gender: Males & females

Breed: Broiler Chickens

Personality: The baby chicks are so yellow & fluffy & adorable but after 3 weeks they turn into teenagers! They wander around the farm & get on with everyone. They even sit with the Llama's & sheep to have a little snooze!

The Small Chickens


Names: Mr. & Mrs. Slippers, Chirp, Rodney, Belle

Gender: Males & females

Breed: Bantams and Silkie Bantams

Personality: The smaller chickens on the farm are super friendly. They sit on arms, eat out of hands and some even come when called. Bantam hens still lay eggs but they are about half the size of a regular egg. Our bantam's chicken's love going out on events as they love to interact with everyone. You can tell the difference between the roosters and the hens as the rooster tend to have very fancy feathers which are used to get the hens attention.

The Guinea Fowl


Names: The Squealers

Gender: Male & Female

Breed: Guinea Fowl

Personality: Although these guys can wreck your head with their constant calling, they are also very cute! Mrs. Guinea has been on the farm for nearly 3 years and sleeps in the trees at night. She is extremely tame & often pops in to visit us in the kitchen. Recently we added 3 new Guinea fowl to the farm thinking they would be good companions to Mrs. Guinea. Unfortunately not, she snubs them every time she sees them. She now lives in with Mr. and Mrs. Slippers who she gets on with very well!


The Sheep


Names: Lincoln, Spot, Socks, Carlos and Rosy

Gender: Females

Breed: Texel/Belclare cross, Zwartble, Suffolk cross & Kerry Hill

Personality: When Lincoln was born, we all thought she looked like a ram so we christened her Lincoln then we found out she was a girl but the name stuck! Spot & Socks originate from Holland and have lovely black wool with natural fiber. Carlos was a pet lamb last year and like Lincoln, she was so big that everyone thought she looked like a boy and so she was named Carlos. Rosy is a new addition to the farm and is a purebred Kerry hill. This breed is very rare in Ireland and when rosy came to the farm she was pregnant with two little lambs. Kerry hill sheep doesn't actually come from Ireland but actually come from Wales.

The Ponies


Names: Sheeba & Posh
Gender: 2 Females
Breed: Conemara & Miniature

Personality: The Ponies are great friends. Sheba loves giving pony rides and over the last few years has been ridden by thousands of children and is still as quiet as ever! Posh on the other hand is the opposite & prefers to watch rather than give pony rides. Posh can live up to her name and has a tendency to strut her stuff whenever a camera appears!!!

The Pigs


Names: Piggy, Wiggy, Podge & Rodgina
Gender: Male & Female
Breed: Kuane Kuane

Personality:  One of the smallest pig breeds, these little guys originate from Asia. They are very friendly & love a good rub. During the summer they love to have buckets of water thrown over them to keep them cool.

The Llamas


Names: Kusco & Chilli

Gender: Male & Female

Personality: Kusco our male llama arrived on the farm a 3 years ago as a cria with a bottle. Scary Mary has reared him to the extent that he thinks she is his mother! But he is very good with people and travels in the van to lots of events. He likes to have his neck rubbed but never his head.

Chilli is our little cria who was born the 15 of July 2015. She was a week old when she arrived and everyone instantly fell in love with her. She currently lives with cola our young male goat and they are best of friends, where ever one goes the other will soon follow.

The Lambs & Kid Goats


Name: Lambs - C.J & Eric

Gender: Lambs - Male & Female

Breed:  Lambs - Zwartble, Kerry hill, Suffolk cross

Name: Kid Goats - Cola

Gender: Kid Goat - Male

Breed: Kid goat -Boer/saanen cross

Personality: Each year we get new lambs and kid goats born on the farm. Some are cared for by their mothers and some are cared for by the animal care team. All of the lambs and kids are pets and some need to be bottle fed from babies so they often think they are humans themselves. Once they see us, they run over looking for attention. The lambs love getting their wool brushed and some even have tickles. Their tail starts to wag furiously if you give them a good groom!

The Goats


The goats

Name: Mary-Kate, Ashley, Tilly, Alphie & Snow drop

Gender: Females

Breed: Saanen, Saanen/Nubian Cross & Alpine

Personality: The goats where all reared on the farm as pet kids and have such individual personalities, they love sneaking out of their paddocks to find new flowers and cause trouble!!! Mary Kate, Ashley, Tilly and Alphie have retired to the farm as they are all due to have their own kid goats in the next few weeks while Snowdrop is on rest as she gave birth to cola back in September. They all still love to meet all the visitors and play with everyone.


Freindly Budgies

FriendlyBudgies.jpgCome meet Wayne and his freindly hand rared budgies

At Pet Expo 2017 we have built a glass room where people can enter and allow the budgies to land on you arms. people can interact with the budgies and listen to them talk, yes talk, These budgies have learned how to speak the English language!



Eagles Flying from Ballymote, Co. Sligo is Ireland's largest Bird of Prey Centre.This year 'Alaska' the Bald headed eagle will be joined in our new larger 'World of Birds' by a Steppe Eagle from the Russian grasslands and an Eagle Owl. 


World of Dogs

If dogs are your passion, there are plenty of doggy related activities at the show in the Dog Activity Ring including Heelwork to Music, Agility, Obedience displays and the fast-paced game of flyball. Plus, see grooming demos, pet behaviorist, Dog adoption and much more......

pedigree-dogs-logoThere are many different dog breeds for you to meet at Pet Expo each with their own special characteristics. Each breed of dog belongs to a group of similar breeds.

Click here for more information about the World of Dogs at Pet Expo.

reptile-logoThe National Reptile Zoo

Want to find out what a snake really feels like, or how a chameleon shoots out its tongue to catch it prey?
Want to find out what a snake really feels like, or how a chameleon shoots out its tongue to catch it prey?
Get up close and personal with some of our animals, either in the demonstration area at PET EXPO or in our walk-through tropical enclosure. All interaction with any animals is strictly supervised using safe, vetted species. The curator, James Hennessy has over 20 years of experience in dealing with reptiles and looks forward to introducing you to his reptile friends visiting PET EXPO.

Burmese Python

  • snakeOne of the biggest species of snake, Burmese pythons can grow to over 6 m (20ft) long and weigh over 90 kg (14 stone)!
  • Pythons can swallow animals which are more than twice their own width.
  • Large snakes have been known to spend most of their life in one spot, ambushing prey as it walks past.
  • Large constrictors, over 2 m (6 feet) are capable of killing an adult human and so don't always make an ideal pet.



  • tarantulaTarantulas defend themselves by flicking hairs from their abdomen, which can cause allergies and even temporary blindness.
  • They don't build webs to catch their food but instead lay "trip wires" which helps to warn them of approaching predators and prey.
  • All spiders are venomous, but tarantula bites aren't fatal and tend to be less painful than a wasp sting.



Alligator Snapping Turtle

  • alisnapturtleOne of the largest freshwater turtles in the world, adults can weigh over 80 kg (13 stone) and live over 100 years!
  • A unique, red "worm-like" attachment on the tongue is used to lure fish and frogs close enough to be snapped up.
  • The bite force of an adult snapper has been measured at over 1,000 pounds of force. Lions come in at 650 pounds and us mere humans at about 150 pounds.
  • Populations are seriously decreasing in the wild due to their use as a human food source and because of habitat loss.

Caiman Crocodile

  • caimancrocOne of the smallest species of crocodilian, Cuvier's Dwarf Caiman rarely gets over 1.5 m (5 feet) in length.
  • Caiman are more closely related to alligators than crocodiles.
  • This species is one of the most heavily ossified (presence of bony armour plates under the skin) of all the crocodilians.
  • Sometimes kept as pets, adult caiman require an enclosure equivalent to a small heated swimming pool and are more than capable of removing an owners hand with a bite.