The National Show Centre, Swords, County Dublin November 4th - 5th

Galway June 23rd - 25th

Mallow May 26th - 28th

Day Out For Your Puppy

Puppy-Power-lPet Expo is a great day out for your puppy to meet and greet other puppies

You are invited to bring along your puppy ( please note Puppies must have been vaccinated) aged up to 16 weeks to meet other puppies and learn how to interact and have fun with their canine friends.

Early puppy socialisation is critical. Puppies that grow up in isolation – both from other dogs as well as from a wide variety of humans – have a greater tendency to develop behaviour problems later in life such as fear-based aggression. Puppy play dates are a great way to socialise puppies.

Our goal is to provide an environment where puppies and their families feel safe and can learn.  

During Puppy School your puppy will display a range of behaviours including chasing, 'wrestling,' play growling, yips of excitement and yips meant to say 'back off.' This type of play is normal and occurred whilst your puppy was with his or her litter-mates and must continue with their peers throughout their puppyhood. Like people, puppies have a variety of personalities and play styles. However, in general puppies are ideally suited to safely teach each other the rules of canine engagement, to help other pups learn impulse or self-control, and to help pups develop good 'bounce back' skills. .