The National Show Centre November 2nd - 3rd

For Cat Lovers

 This year we have plenty of trade stands and Cat Rescues attending however please note there are no cats on show due to the nature of cats not socialising with other pets.  


The Abyssinian is a medium sized cat with an athletic muscular build. He has a wedge shaped face with large pricked ears and ear tufts. The coat is short and fine with each hair having  several bands of colour, giving the breed its distinct ticked appearance.

The Bengal was originally developed in the US from crosses between Asian Leopard Cats and domestic breeds. It has been bred to eliminate the 'shyness' of the Leopard Cat while retaining the 'wild' look. A solid lithe cat with an amazing dense plushy coat; the pattern has black or brown either 'rosetted' spots or random streaks on a rich copper base colour. The tips of the hairs are translucent which reflects the light and gives a stunning gold glitter to the coat.  A vocal cat which can be a bit daunting but he's all talk, no action.


The Birman is one of the earliest semi long haired breeds to be recognised. A solid  deep body  with legs a bit longer than a Persian and larger ears he has deep blue eyes. The distinctive characteristic is the long silky fine pale coat, with dark face, ears, legs and tail but pure white feet. Surely the 'posh' cat of the feline world.

The British is a solid square cat with thick legs and a heavy head and round expressive eyes, less extreme in type than a persian. The coat is so short and thick you can sink your fingers in it The most well known colour is blue but they come in a vast range of colours and patterns; an easy going comfortable companion.

The Burmese is an elegant cat who is much heavier than he looks. His eyes are straight across the top and rounded beneath which gives the classic Burmese 'frown'. A short silky shining coat which comes in a range of colours, he is a friendly inquisitive cat who likes to get into everything - including riding round on shoulders and climbing up the inside of trousers! He loves to be with his family and can be a real chatterbox. 

The Devon Rex is a pixie cat with his long slender dainty body, fine loges and whippy tail. The distinctive head is wedge shaped with high cheek bones large oval eyes and wide low set ears. The coat is short, soft and fine with a unique wavy coat which comes in a range of colours and patterns. He loves his family and likes nothing better than being the centre of attention.

The Exotic is the short haired version of the Persian and comes in the same range of colours and patterns.  With the same cobby body and sweet nature you get all the beauty of the Persian with much less grooming needed.

The Maine Coon, Known as the 'Gentle Giant' of the cat world, these guys can weigh in around 12 kilos. They have a rugged outdoor appearance with a natural long coat, not as fluffy as the Persian but still need a daily groom. Most commonly tabby or tabby and white in colour they also come in solid colours. They take up to 4 years to mature and when they do you have a cat with Presence with a capital P.

The Siamese is a long svelte cat with a long tapered tail and muscular legs. The wedge shaped head with large ears and bright blue eyes make this an unmistakable breed, together with the distinctive coat pattern. The coat is short fine and silky in texture with a pale body and darker colouring to the mask, ears legs and tail. He is an athletic bundle of energy who lives on top of furniture as much as on the floor; very chatty he is not a cat to be ignored and insists on being involved in everything!

The Sphynx is the 'ET' of the cat world with his firm muscular body much heavier than he looks. He has prominent cheekbones and whisker pads, large wide ears and lemon shaped eyes. The distinction of course is his complete lack of hair. The coat has the soft warm feel of chamois leather and the texture creates a feeling of resistance when stroking the cat. He may have wrinkles round the muzzle and between the ears and any whiskers will be short and sparse. Loves the heat of course and is quite happy to wear a little jacket in the colder weather.